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Sign Guru is an Winnipeg based, high impact, low cost portable sign company with amazing full color digitally printed images with a difference. Unlike the line signs of years gone by, the “Sign Guru” sign demands your audiences attention whether they are coming or going since it has dual-sided signage capability.  Add in that we are using the highest quality rigid substrate in the industry upon which our unequalled image quality is applied too, producing a truly unmatched image.

Sign Guru allows you to create as many images you would like (that we store for you) and we can change out the image on a regular basis allowing you to keep the sign fresh and intern drawing attention to your sign and therefore customers to your door by using portable signs Winnipeg.

Go “GREEN” with Sign Guru.  Our rigid substrate is 100% reusable and that is why we choose this substrate.  When an image is no longer need or of use we simply remove the vinyl from the substrate and re-apply a new image to it allowing us to keep the substrate out of the land fill.  If an image is applied to coroplast or any other semi-rigid substrate they entire image and substrate are thrown away after there use and coroplast is no longer recyclable once vinyl has been applied to this substrate.

Additionally, the Sign Guru is not encumbered by deadlines (as radio, coupon mailer and TV) or of a size that makes changes nearly impossible (such as billboards).  The Sign Guru can change messages in as short a time as 1 – 2 days!

Digitally printed images have a life expectancy of at least 24 months. Other knock-off signs use low end inks that only last for less than a year before it fades and cracks.  This gives OUR customers a greater profit margin on their signs due to there quality and durability.

Give us a call today and ask about our new customer special and get your printing free on a 3 month contract.

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